Human Dignity Center – About us

We are all human beings. We, who belong to the human family, all have special roles in the world together and individually. In this family of humankind we speak different languages, have different skincolours and facial features, and different worldviews. Despite our differences we are connected: we all pass on life in man and woman relationship, love and care for our children and the elderly… all these traits are common in all human beings all around the world.
Human Dignity Center strengthens and speaks up for these values: we build bridges between parents and decision makers, we protect families and stand up for the most vulnerable.

Our activites

  • protection of marriage and family
  • protection of human life at all stages
  • protection of children
  • protection of women’s rights
  • protection of parental rights and freedom of conscience


Human Dignity Center does not receive any funding from government sources, national or international NGOs or church organizations. Our activites are solely financed my individial contributions. For more details see our financial statements.

Support us

Your financial contribution helps our activities.

Please support our projects via bank transfer to:
HU12 1040 1976 5052 6656 5665 1002
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Contact us

+36 20 530 4051